Initial Session


Our first session is where I get to know you and your horse. The Initial Assessment & Treatment forms an integral part of my approach to treating the whole body, not just a painful area in isolation. This service is fundamental to gathering  information regarding your horse's composition and health status along with building trust and rapport. 

We will address your animal's medical history, overall physicality and composition, gait, topline composition, muscular weakness and restrictions, soft tissue trigger points, scar tissue, muscular imbalance in all areas including lumbo-pelvic hip complex, neck shoulders and spine. 

Session times will vary.

Continued Care


Whether your horse requires regular visits as part of a treatment program or ongoing maintenance, this session will include hands-on treatment techniques in all forms to relieve muscle imbalance and tension, reduce scar tissue, improve mobility with ambulation at all speeds, reduce pain, increase core, spinal, and upper contraction system strength and restore overall functional movement. 





Session times will vary.

Are you located outside of the Metamora, Michigan area?

I do travel, based on seasonal availability. 

Call or Email to setup a visit.



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