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Since earning a master’s degree in Physical Therapy over 20 years ago, my goal with patients is to get to the root source of the problem. I integrate techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofacial release and cranio-sacral into my work. These tools, often absent from common physical therapy practice and basic massage, allow for a more well-rounded and successful treatment program.


Years ago, I was hired to work with Arrow, a rescue mustang with physical ailments and severe trust issues. This was my catalyst into the world of equine therapy and bodywork. With Arrow, I began applying my knowledge of healing modalities to horses. Our sessions showed this animal how to trust and allow physical assistance. Thus, my experience with Arrow and other rescue horses in California led to the beginning of "Arrow Root - Equine Physical Therapy".

Pictured Here: Arrow with Jodi Rawlins, PT in California. Just 6 months after being rescued.

Jodi Standing Arrow.JPG

Arrow's healing was made possible through nutrition, supplements and a combination of modalities.

He lived out his days with full mobility and daily rides thanks to his mindful and committed owner and energetic healer, 

Gabriela McAllister of Connected Energy®️

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